The psychoplastic project explores how our personality can be sculpted and manipulated for real. How can an immersive and corporal experience change and manipulate our feelings? How does it to feel to become someone else? From the inside?

The exhibition turns the body into the stage of a sensorial theater. The users are dressed in electronic, computer-controlled bodysuits. The bodysuit becomes the new skin of the user, slipping him or her into the corpus of a story told through touch and binaural, 3 dimensional sound. The suit imprints stories about corporal ecstasy. The touch based bodysuit renders the stories physical. So the experience becomes a real, personal and intimate play with ones’ own body and identity.

Interaction is simply done by walking around either inside the gallery (version one) or outside (version two) in public space. Here the immaterial experiences are placed in the open through GPS based navigation. The project so transforms public space into sensual, transformable and invisible structures. The bodysuit acts here as a skin of sensations, letting the user sense empty space filled with sensations.

Turning the body of the user into the stage of an internal and psychological drama challenges established notions of what a work of art can be.

User in Ljubljana 2010